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The central idea of an Inclusive City is that no one should walk the recovery path alone

Make recovery visible

The first purpose of Inclusive Cities is to make recovery visible.


From research we know that people discriminate more often when they are not familiar with the topic. It means you are more reluctant to and often afraid of something that you don’t know.

Celebrate recovery

The second purpose of Inclusive Cities is to celebrate recovery by organizing activities that bring people together. This involves a ritual and  the role of such rituals is to foster social bonding, strengthen solidarity and social cohesion by bringing people together and celebrating success. Celebrating the change process of a person in recovery is beneficial, not only for the person in recovery, but also for the community as a whole. Visible people in recovery, (we also call them ‘recovery champions’), spread the possibility of recovery among those who need it most…they are the living example that recovery is possible and that a life in recovery is a productive and successful life.

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