• Charlotte Colman

Ghent: the first Belgian Inclusive Recovery City

The central objective of “Inclusive recovery cities” consists of two components:

  • Making recovery visible and discussable

  • Bringing together, working together and connecting relevant actors who provide supportive social networks, safe places to live, meaningful activities or roads to employment.

Based on the available research and expertise, the city of Ghent has included “Inclusive recovery cities” in its drug policy plan (2020-2025) and has shown the ambition to become an “Inclusive Recovery City”.

We have introduced an Inclusive Recovery Cities Council, a core group of people from practice, policy and academia, who have drafted the mission, vision and activities for Ghent as an Inclusive City.

On December 2, 2022 we will organise a recovery college in Ghent. This College will bring together all relevant actors and focuses on visibility, connectedness and knowledge regarding recovery. This event will be the kick-off of our 6-monthly activities that will be organised in the city of Ghent, translating our mission into action.

Our next event, in March 2023, will be the event "“Career dating for people in recovery and employers”. After all, we know from recovery research that employment is crucial to start and persist recovery, but people in recovery and employers often do not know each other. Through a career dating event, we bring people in recovery and employers together so that they can learn from each other and can connect.

As such, Ghent translates the idea of Inclusieve Recovery Cities into practice.

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