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Side event on Inclusive Cities at the 62nd session of the CND (Vienna)

The 62nd Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs 2019 will take place from 18-22 March in Vienna.

At this 62nd session, a side event "Recovery Cities – Creating Sustainable Partnerships within the City" will be organized by Celebrate Recovery/Proslavi Oporavak in co-sponsorship with Aspire - Drug & Alcohol Service Doncaster and Sheffield Hallam University from the UK and the City of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The event will be held on WEDNESDAY, 20 March 2019, from 9.00 - 9.50 a.m. at United Nations- VIC in Conference Press Room.

The event will present the Recovery Cities model which aims to create sustainable connections and networks at a city level. The speakers will highlight the advantages of joint cooperation that will benefit individuals with addiction problems by creating pathways to hope and reintegration. Additionally, this model is focused on establishing partnerships within the city and generate community cohesion and active participation in community activities. The aim of Inclusive- Recovery- Cities is to minimize barriers to recovery and to make recovery visible, to celebrate it and to create a safe environment supportive of recovery, while sharing innovations and ideas.

While the recovery movement has created a hope-based model for improving outcomes for clients, there has been less emphasis on the implications for staff and volunteers in addiction and recovery services.

To address this gap, Sheffield Hallam University, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humberside NHS Trust and Spectrum have come together to create the Recovery College to support the wellbeing of the workforce and educate them in how to best support their clients to achieve and sustain recovery.

Also they have initiated the Recovery games events as a core mechanism of promoting recovery cities to celebrate recovery and make recovery visible in the community, and to provide a forum for sport, fitness, wellbeing and collective endeavour.

Gothenburg is leading the way in implementing a Recovery Cities model and has hosted two events which provided a template for initiating and implementing Recovery Cities.

All of these events will be presented and the main highlight will be on building inclusion and reducing marginalization and stigmatization of people in recovery.

Speakers include:

Mr. Boro GOIC-RUN- Recovered Users Network

Professor David BEST- Sheffield Hallam University

Mr. Stuart GREEN- Aspire - Drug & Alcohol Service Doncaster

Mr. Neil FIRBANK- Aspire – Recovery Games founder

Ms. Monica FÄLDT- City of Gothenburg

Ms. Petra de BOER- Recovery network, Gothenburg


Ms. Mulka NISIC- PROSLAVI OPORAVAK/Celebrate Recovery

More information could be found here:

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